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December 31, 2011
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Ok, typing this from my new iPhone! This is the first piece for the winner of the contest at #Reader-Inserts!


Canada sat at the dock and watched the waves of the lake ripple by. Tears streamlined down his cheek, and he clutched the iPod in his pocket. He tried to cheer himself up, but to no avail. The tears just kept on forming.

You spotted Canada sitting by the water moping. You put a hand on his shoulder and he looked back at you with tear-dilated eyes and red cheeks. He stood up and hugged you, crying into your chest and squeezing tightly to your body.

"(Name), w-who am I? What's my n-name?" Canada said, looking at you with absolute somberness.

"You're Canada. You're singlehandedly the most charming, sweet, and perfect country. And nothing can change that." you said, and Canada's tears started to subside.

"Y-you really think so?" Canada said, blushing madly and his purple eyes fixated on you.

"Yes. I do. Don't get upset by the other countries. Because honestly, who could forget you, you always light up the room even though you're quiet." You said, and Canada smiled with glee that you had never seen in him.

Canada's violet-blue eyes looked into your (eye color) eyes. He closed his eyes and pressed his lips to yours in a chaste and blissful kiss. You closed your eyes and melted into the kiss. Canada wrapped his arms around your waist and you threw your arms around his head. His dirty blonde locks were silky and nice to the touch.

Canada decided to step up the passion a bit and licked your bottom lip for entrance. You went along and allowed him to slip in his tongue. Things were going all too well, you loved how this was playing out just like a love scene off of a chick flick.

After what seemed like an hour of sweet, sexy, passionate kissing, Canada broke away and once again hugged you.

"(Name), I love you. Can you call me by my human name?"

"Human name?" you questioned Canada. You were blushing madly.

Canada chuckled sweetly. "Countries are people too, we have civilian names. They're our aliases." he said.

"Oh, makes sense." you said.

"My human name is Matthew Williams, but you can call me Matt or Mattie."

"Matt...that's a cute name!" you said, pecking him on the cheek.

"(Name)'s so much cuter, the way it melts on your tongue, the serenity of it." Matthew said, taking your hand and holding it.

"I have something for you." he said, sneaking behind you and wrapping something around your neck.

"There, you're complete, (Name)." Matt said, stepping away as you looked at the gift that Mattie gave to you.

It was a golden maple leaf surrounded by diamond hearts and engraved into the middle:  "Je t'aime".

Matthew pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down something and handed it to you.

"Call me, we should go out." Matt said and kissed you quickly and stormed off.

"Wait! Matt, can I walk you home?" you called out.


And with that, the two of you walked to his house, holding hands, laughing, and exchanging sweet talk here and there. This was a start of a beautiful and wonderful relationship.

Canada x Reader - I Remember Youby SailorInferno12908

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2011-2014 SailorInferno12908
Yay everyone, Happy New Year!

This is a prize for :iconpistachio-macaroons: because she won the #Reader-Inserts contest! :iconsuperw00tplz: She wanted it angsty, and I threw in some fluffeh.

Axis Powers Hetalia is owned by Hidekaz Himaruya.
You own yourself. but I own your soul.
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O.C Nia:owo my chainsaws name is Bill.Im gonna kill Belarus! Yay!
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