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July 29, 2012


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EDIT 4/27/13: I'm absolutely amazed by the amount of hype and praise this has gotten. It's inspired some emotional, beautiful, and well-written fanfics. Please, if you like this, read the following works:

SereneDash's Series of Fics
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Awesome Continuation by hayley566…

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If you want to write your own, go right ahead! I'd love to read what you've written! But please credit me, or at least leave a link back to the journal. Also, someone posted this to the Creepypasta Wiki without my consent. If you want to repost this to a wiki/thread/forum, for god's sakes ASK ME FIRST.

You know those Rugrats and Pokémon theories?

Well, I've came up with a dark explaination of Hetalia.

Once, the countries were human, with their human names. They lived in their respective countries, until they died at their human age. For some reason, they died of some sort, and were sent to the world of Hetalia as purgatory.


England: Drug addict, died of overdose of hallucinagenic drugs.
This explains his 'imaginary friends'
America: Regular teenager, died of anorexia nervosa.
This explains his love of fatty foods.
France: Rape victim, male prostitute. Died of AIDS.
This explains his pervertedness.
China: Child laborer, worked in a restaurant. Died in a structure fire.
This explains his good cooking skills.
Russia: Schitzophrenic. Died in a mental asylum.
This explains his insane tendencies and childlike cruelty.
Canada: Victim of child neglect. Died of starvation.
This explains why nobody notices him.


Germany: Victim of memory loss. Died in a coma.
This explains the HRE/Germany theory.
Northern Italy: Hides depression. Died of suicide.
Explains his undying happiness.
Japan: Forced to Arranged Marriage. Committed seppuku.
Explains his insecurity and introvertedness.
Prussia: Narcissist and nationalist. Died in wartime.
Southern Italy: Stillborn twin. Died in mother's womb.
Explains his somewhat hatred for N. Italy.

Central Europe:

Switzerland: Victim of Paranoia. Killed in a gun backfire.
Explains his withdrawl and permanent neutrality.
Liechtenstein: Killed her mother while being born. Wanted a brother, but her mother was dead.
Explains her love for Switzerland.
Austria: Deranged musician. Shot himself while writing a song.
Explains his piano love.

Northern Europe:

Denmark: Alcoholic and abusive parents. Killed in a DWI crash.
This explains his arrogant attitude and alocoholism.
Sweden: Bullying victim. Drowned himself.
Explains his quiet and scary atmosphere.
Iceland: Abandoned child. Died in an abandoned house.
Explains his past and how Norway found him.
Norway: Bipolar Disorder. Died of a stroke.
Explains his monotoneness.
Finland: Winter depression victim. Died of Hypothermia, killed himself by laying in the snow bare-chested.
Explains his seemingly happy, yet distirbed demeanor.
Sealand: Aborted baby. Died in the womb.
This explains why he can't become a country.

These are only some, but I might make more.
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Also (I don't want to critiquize, please don't take it bad) but I think Austria theory would be more like:

He was a child who was poor, very poor. He lived with his father, who beat him everytime he did something wrong. There were some men who abused him for money. Since he was little, he always liked music, especially the piano. He didn't have a good relationship with his father, but decided to tell him that he wanted to play piano. He father started to hit him saying it was "a thing that fags do". Austria still wanted to play the piano. One day, a very rich man "paid him to play games". When Austria came to this man's house, a maid give him some fancy food and dressed him in the "special outfit" the man wanted him to wear, but she showed him affection, somthing that nobody did before. Since there, he wanted to cook. When he told his father, he started to hit him. This time, he died because of the hits.

That could explain: why Austria likes cooking and music, especially the piano; why when France comes and tries to touch him, he doesn't fight; why he can count with Hungary for his problems; why when Chibitalia did something wrong, he stepped on him/her; why Austria likes fancy things and cares so much about his appareance...

Also, I almost cried writing it :| (Blank Stare) 
I can't express what does this makes me feel.
In a way, it's disturbing...
In another way, it's sad...
But the most importantly: It makes sense.
Im not very involved in fan's theories, but this is a really original one.
:iconpokemonlovinggirl: about Spain....?
Chaos227 Apr 5, 2014  New member Student Artist
TheAwesomeMooMoo Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
But I love it...
Hey, ya know that episode with the little girl spirit and the kappa at Japan's house?
Go do research on kappas.
And avoid wikipedia at all costs.
pandaday12 Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Q~Q WHY!?!!??!
I don't care how old this journal is, it's so amazing and needs to be spread around more! -Soft sigh-
Anyway, I hope you don't mind if I use your theory in a fanfiction~
Cinderfurr Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
i-i have one for Belarus if you wouldn't mind. :iconshyblushplz:
it might be a little odd tho idk
i guess its goes like
She had a brother in the past who killed her for being incestuous. that's why shes always asking her brother to never leave because shes afraid she might get rejected again. so she scares him, making her feel powerful and unafraid. 
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